Famous people – cosmetic dentistry before and after

Famous people – cosmetic dentistry before and after

21 Famous People Who Had Cosmetic Dentistry

When you think of Tom Cruise, you think of his great smile: big white teeth in perfect alignment, a grin that dazzles you again and again. It might surprise you to know that one of Hollywood’s biggest stars didn’t always have that million-dollar mug. Cruise is one of many celebrities who’ve gone to a cosmetic dentist to change the appearance of their teeth.

Cruise wisely got his cosmetic dentistry procedures done early in his career. You probably don’t even remember him without those signature choppers. Great-looking teeth are very important for actors, singers, politicians and even athletes.

Their faces are part of the product they are selling. Whether they’re running for mayor of Peoria or trying to land a starring role in a film, it’s important to have a memorable, trustworthy smile in their fields of work. Without great teeth, you simply can’t pull that off.

Cosmetic dentistry options include: bonding, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns (caps), gum grafts, removal of teeth or gums, tooth structures, dental implants, and fixed bridges.

Once you’ve seen these celebrities’ “before” photos, you’ll understand why they chose to get their mouth overhauled. Here are 21 stars who’ve not only had cosmetic dentistry, but have also seen their careers benefit from the decision.

1. Tom Cruise (Actor)

The star of “Risky Business,” “Mission Impossible,” “Top Gun” and a slew of other hit movies started his career with discolored, out-of-alignment teeth. To become a true leading man capable of drawing audiences from Phoenix, AZ; to Baltimore, MD; Cruise rung up a number of cosmetic dentistry costs. This included whitening and straightening his teeth. Apparently, that wasn’t enough. The Scientology devotee has reportedly upgraded to a mouthful of veneers since then.

tom cruise cosmetic dentistry

2. Cheryl Cole (Singer/Reality Star)

One of the judges on the British version of “The X Factor,” Cole is also one of her country’s most famous performers. But, there was nothing entertaining about her teeth before her cosmetic dentistry procedures. She got her start on another British reality show and during that competition, her teeth were notably longer and pointed. Since joining “X Factor,” she’s visited a cosmetic dentist who whittled her teeth and eliminated the gaps.

Cheryl Cole cosmetic dentistry

3. Zac Efron (Actor)

Think the star of “The Neighbors” has always been swoon-worthy? Well, before he shot to stardom on Disney Channel’s “High School Musical,” his smile would have inspired more cringes than swoons. Efron needed cosmetic dentistry to help him fix his uneven teeth and he’s also gotten them whitened since then. It seems to have been worth it. Efron’s now one of Hollywood’s foremost heartthrobs.

Zac Efron cosmetic dentistry

4. Hilary Duff (Actress and Singer)

When Hilary Duff was a Disney child star, she had less-than-perfect teeth, but she didn’t decide to replace them until she transitioned more to singing in 2009. She chipped her tooth on a microphone while in concert. Rather than just get the chipped tooth fixed, she decided to upgrade to a full set of veneers and guess what? Her smile’s never looked better.

Hilary Duff cosmetic dentistry

5. Nicolas Cage (Actor)

Nicolas Cage has always been a unique actor and there’s no denying this is pretty out there: to get into character for the 1984 film “Birdy,” Cage actually had two teeth pulled. But once Cage moved on to leading man roles, his disheveled-looking teeth were ready for a makeover. He got a full set of veneers, which seem to have served him well. He even won an Oscar for “Leaving Las Vegas.”

Nicolas Cage cosmetic dentistry

6. Snooki (Reality Star)

When Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi shot to fame on an MTV reality show, her beehive-throwback hairdo became all the rage, but her teeth didn’t get the same love. Snooki decided to have her slightly crooked teeth straightened and she also got them brightened while she was getting her procedure. The diminutive star seems happy with the result. She certainly smiles more in pictures now than she did during her “Jersey Shore” days.

Snooki before and after cosmetic dentistry

7. George Clooney (Actor)

One of the movies most handsome stars owes at least part of his appeal to his cosmetic dentist. George Clooney has a full set of veneers that he got after his “Facts of Life” days. But his need for new teeth wasn’t purely cosmetic. He is one of the many who grind their teeth when they become stressed, hence the need for replacement teeth.

George Clooney's teeth before and after

8. Victoria Beckham (Singer and Fashion Icon)

The most famous member of the Spice Girls is known for her style and fashion sense, hence the nickname “Posh.” But Beckham’s old teeth were anything but posh, with uneven spacing and wide gaps. Before she shot to fame in the all-girl group in the late 1990’s, Beckham had her teeth straightened and bonded.

Victoria Beckham cosmetic dentistry

9. Ben Affleck (Actor)

Ben Affleck has been a tabloid mainstay for years, so he certainly knows the value of a good smile. When he was young, Affleck had buck teeth and he didn’t move into the dashing acting roles of his mid-30s until the buck had been stopped, so to speak. Affleck got several cosmetic dentistry procedures that gave his pearly whites new shine and helped him land parts like Batman in the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” film.

Ben Afflack's teeth

10. Louis Walsh (Music Manager and Reality Star)

Maybe the stars of “The X Factor” should be asking for cosmetic dentistry options and benefits in their contracts, because Cheryl Cole isn’t the only one to redo her teeth. Louis Walsh, the famed Irish music manager who is also a judge on the British reality show, had extensive cosmetic dentistry done before going on television. His yellowed teeth were brightened and the crooked teeth were pulled into line.

Louis Walsh cosmetic dentistry

11. 50 Cent (Rapper)

The cosmetic dentistry costs for 50 Cent to fix his gapped front teeth were completely worth it. The rapper decided to get the work done after another rapper called him out for the gap in a song. But Fiddy made a conscious decision not to change everything about his teeth. He told his dentist not to make his front teeth any smaller because he still wanted to “look like himself” in the mirror.

50 cent's teeth

12. Miley Cyrus (Actress and Singer)

During the “Hannah Montana” days, Miley Cyrus had slightly crooked teeth that merely added to the teen singer’s charm. But she’s gotten more sophisticated and more shocking, with age, and she wanted to update her teeth to fit her new image. She had her teeth whitened and straightened after she left Disney Channel and they’ve become part of her signature tongue-out look.

Miley Cyrus Teeth Cosmetic Surgery

13. Demi Moore (Actress)

“Ghost” actress Demi Moore certainly doesn’t look like a woman in her 50’s and a good part of that is due to her spectacular set of pearly whites. A decade ago, Moore’s teeth looked yellowed and aged. She considered a number of cosmetic dentistry options before deciding on veneers. Her teeth look totally natural and they’re a lot straighter than they were before.

Demi Moore dental transformation

14. Jim Carrey (Actor)

Did you know that Jim Carrey, the star of “Pet Detective,” “The Mask” and so many other movie hits, actually has the chipped tooth his character displayed in the classic movie “Dumb and Dumber?” Carrey, who takes regular spiritual retreats in Arizona, had the tooth bonded decades ago, but he removes the bonding occasionally to amuse fans. He’s pledged to leave it off for the upcoming “Dumber” sequel.

Jim Carrey Teeth

15. Catherine Zeta Jones (Actress)

Actress and Oscar winner Catherine Zeta Jones has it all: beauty, talent and a mouthful of perfect teeth, thanks to her cosmetic dentist. Jones has said she was teased for her crooked teeth as a child and she had braces as a teen. Over the years, she’s had procedures performed to both whiten and straighten her teeth. No one’s teasing her now, that’s for sure.

Catherine Jones cosmetic dentistry

16. Gary Busey (Actor)

Gary Busey is one of the most outrageous and outspoken actors in Hollywood and his outsized porcelain veneers match that personality. Busey was in a motorcycle accident in 1988 that did substantial damage to his face and he had cosmetic dental surgery to help correct it. He opted for oversized teeth as part of his makeover and while not everyone can pull that off, it works for Busey.

Gary Bussey cosmetic dentistry

17. Keith Urban (Singer)

Australian country singer Keith Urban had a gap in between his two front teeth early in his career, but by the time he and fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman got married in 2006, he had fixed that gap, and his teeth had gotten notably whiter and straighter. Since he hasn’t publicly discussed his cosmetic dentistry, it’s hard to say when it happened.

Keith Urban's Teeth before and after

18. Mike Tyson (Boxer)

Boxers aren’t exactly known for their pretty teeth, but even by those standards, Mike Tyson’s smile was lacking. The boxer went through a phase when he wore gold caps on his front teeth, but now he’s had the gap closed ever so slightly and ditched the gold caps for what appear to be veneers. His teeth are smaller and closer together than they have ever been.

Mike Tyson's teeth before and after

19. Celine Dion (Singer)

Songstress Celine Dion has the perfect voice of an angel, but her teeth weren’t perfect until she underwent cosmetic dentistry procedures in the 1990’s, after her career began to take off. Dion’s teeth are smaller now than they were in the 1980’s, and whiter, too.

Celine Dion cosmetic dentistry

20. Morgan Freeman (Actor)

Morgan Freeman is one of the best actors of his generation, but his teeth had become yellowed as he aged. The Oscar nominee had them whitened a few years ago and also got the gap in the middle taken out. He looks a decade younger than he did before seeing his cosmetic dentist, a great help in landing him different movie roles.

Morgan Freeman Teeth Before and After cosmetic dentistry

21. Cher Lloyd (Singer)

That’s right; we’re back to “The X Factor.” Cher Lloyd skyrocketed to fame as a contestant on the British series, but while her voice was pitch-perfect, her smile was not. She had her teeth brightened and filled in the small gap in front, which was not a huge surprise. Early in her career, the singer, who has performed at the Bloomingdale’s Glendale Gala to benefit VH1 Save The Music Foundation, told a magazine she “hated” her teeth and thought they made her look like a rabbit.

Cher Lloyd's smile cosmetic surgery

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10 Incredibly Weird Human Teeth Facts

10 Incredibly Weird Human Teeth Facts

Professional fighters, newborn babies, and the supporting cast of Deliverance aside, pretty much everyone has a mouthful of teeth. We use our ivories on a daily basis, mashing up food and smiling at friends, but we often take our thirty-two teeth for granted. And that’s just too bad. As it turns out, the human tooth is incredibly strange and is surrounded by weird and wild facts like…

10. Actors’ Teeth

Teeth Facts

There are quite a few actors out there who lose or gain a few pounds for a role, but that’s nothing compared to the stars who attack their teeth. For the 1999 classic Fight Club, Brad Pitt knew he needed to radically alter his appearance to play anarchist Tyler Durden. After all, if you start up an underground boxing club, you probably won’t end up with a movie star smile. Pitt paid a dentist to chip away at his chompers, giving Durden a much edgier look.

But you don’t need to be an A-lister to go all method on your mouth. For his role as Stu Price in The Hangover, comedian Ed Helms also made a quick trip to the dentist. If you’ve seen the film, you know Stu pulls out his own tooth on a bet. Of course, the actor wasn’t willing to go quite that far in real life. But Helms was a man literally born to play the part of Stu. Helms was born missing a tooth, and at the age of fifteen he filled the gap with an implant. When it came time to star in The Hangover he simply removed the fake. The process was probably a bit painful, as it involved unscrewing the implant and screwing a plug into the gap in his gum. Talk about dedication.

However, the award for hardcore dentistry has to go to Viggo Mortensen. While filming Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Mortensen was busy bashing orcs at the Battle of Helm’s Deep when things got out of hand, and Aragorn accidentally broke his tooth. But instead of stomping off to his trailer, Mortensen wanted to keep  filming and insisted that someone glue his tooth back on. Fortunately, director Peter Jackson decided to cut and sent Viggo off to receive proper medical treatment. Still, you have to admire the man’s work ethic.

9. The Norwegian Tooth Bank

Teeth Facts

There are all kinds of bizarre biological banks, from sperm banks to blood banks to banks full of eyeballs. But in Norway scientists are busy working on an even stranger special facility just for storing milk teeth.

Also known as deciduous teeth, milk teeth are the extras we lose as children, and researchers from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study (MoBa) hope parents will donate these little incisors and bicuspids to their ever-growing tooth bank. Scientists are currently working with 100,000 children in the hopes of building the largest tooth bank in the world.

But why would anyone want milk teeth in the first place? It turns out that these temporary teeth are excellent indicators of what pollutants are in the environment. By studying them, along with blood and urine samples from the parents, MoBa researchers can learn how environmental contaminants affect a child and mother’s health. As of 2013 the bank had 17,000 teeth, all kept in envelopes and locked away in the University of Bergen where no tooth fairy can ever find them.

8. Teeth Tattoos

Teeth Facts

They might sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, but teeth tattoos are actually quite popular these days. Applied to a cap or crown, these images are permanent and come in all shapes and sizes, from pictures of George Washington to sail boats to phrases like “Bite Me.”

Scientists at Princeton and Tufts are taking teeth tattoos in a completely different direction. Instead of ink, they’re using graphene, and it isn’t for art’s sake. These tattoos are actually electronic sensors, and they’re a bacterium’s worst nightmare. Imprinted on silk, the tattoos are placed onto a tooth, and after water washes the silk away the graphene remains and monitors the mouth for bacteria. Powered by electrodes and an inductive coil, the tattoo uses antimicrobial peptides to latch onto germs. Thanks to the electricity in a bacterium’s cell membrane, a signal is sent to a nearby antenna which scientists use to determine what kind of bacteria is crawling around inside your mouth. You still need to brush, though.

7. The Fake Braces of Asia

Teeth Facts

In the west, most people think of braces as geeky, ugly and kind of uncomfortable. But beauty is relative, and in Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, braces are considered super cool… and super illegal, thanks to the rich kids.

In cities like Bangkok braces can run up to $1,200, which is a little expensive for most Thai kids. But like everything else owned by the rich and powerful, braces suddenly have an air of wealth and status about them. That’s where fashion braces, or kawat gigi untuk gaya, come in. Running about $100, these braces are sold in markets, beauty salons, and online, and can be customized in all sorts of styles like Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty.

You don’t even need a dentist to wear fashion braces. Do-It-Yourself kits are extremely popular, despite the fact that they’re against the law in Thailand. In 2012, two teenagers developed deadly infections thanks to fashion braces. Authorities were also worried about the amount of lead found in the wires and were concerned kids might choke on loose pieces. Wanting to prevent any further deaths, the Thai government outlawed the practice, threatening to punish producers with up to six months behind bars. But that only gave rise to a thriving black market for braces.

6. Buddha’s Teeth

Teeth Facts

When most people think about relics, they generally picture Christian artifacts like the Holy Grail, the True Cross and the Shroud of Turin. But Buddhism has its share of holy objects as well — many are from the Buddha’s own body, including quite a few plucked out of his mouth.

If you ever visit Sri Lanka be sure to drop by the city of Kandy, where you’ll find the sage’s left canine on display in the Temple of the Tooth. After the Buddha’s cremation, the tooth became a symbol of power. Whoever owned the canine had the right to rule Sri Lanka, and it was passed down from monarch to monarch. As you might expect, quite a few people squabbled over the tooth, and holy men were forced to hide it from time to time until it finally ended up in Kandy for all the world to see.


On your next trip you can stop by the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum in Singapore, where you can admire another one of the philosopher’s pearly whites surrounded by prayer rooms and ornate dragons. However, the weirdest of all the Buddha’s teeth is without a doubt the one in Rosemead, California. Worshippers claim the two-inch molar is actually still growing and even possesses miraculous healing powers.

5. John Lennon’s Tooth

Teeth Facts

Michael Zuk isn’t your average dentist. This Canadian has filled plenty of cavities, but when he isn’t pulling teeth Zuk is busy working on an odd experiment that involves John Lennon’s tooth. How did a dentist from Alberta get his hands on one of Lennon’s pearly whites? In the 1960s, John gave his rotten molar to his housekeeper, a woman named Dot Jartlett. He thought it would be a nice gift for her Beatlemaniacdaughter, and the tooth stayed in the Jartlett family until 2011 when they sold it for over $30,000.

The buyer was Michael Zuk, and he had some very weird plans. He’s used the tooth to draw attention to mouth cancer and even let his sister use a fragment for her sculpture of Lennon’s head. However, his ultimate goal is to clone the rock star. Zuk has allegedly teamed up with a group of scientists who’ve begun sequencing Lennon’s DNA. If all goes according to plan, the singer will make his big comeback in 2040. Only this time Zuk will make sure Lennon stays away from “drugs and cigarettes.”

4. The Incredibly Creepy Jesus Statue

Teeth Facts

Visit any Catholic church and you’re bound to spot an icon of Jesus or the Virgin Mary. Most of these statues are made out of wood or plastic, but if you take a little trip to San Bartolo Cautlalpan, a small town outside Mexico City, you’ll find a figurine that’s a little more lifelike than the rest.

In early 2014 experts from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History were restoring an icon of Christ known as “The Lord of Patience.” This 3’8” wooden statue depicts Jesus moments before his crucifixion, sitting down and staring into the sky. Dating back to the 18th century, this statue was scheduled to undergo restoration, but when researchers started X-raying the piece they noticed something extremely odd about its teeth — they had roots.

Upon closer examination, the researchers found that the Lord of Patience was fully equipped with eight human teeth, and judging by the size they were probably removed from a healthy adult. But why would anyone put real teeth inside a wooden statue? Well, perhaps it was a way of scoring points for the afterlife. Back in the day, believers would offer up hair clippings to make wigs for icons. Researchers believe that a faithful churchgoer probably yanked out a few spare ivories as a way of proving his or her devotion to God. That brings a whole new level to the Biblical “tooth for a tooth” business.

3. The Boy With 232 Teeth

Teeth Facts

Ashik Gavai was a seventeen-year-old Indian boy in a lot of pain. The right side of his jaw was swelling up like a balloon, and the local doctor didn’t know what to do. Worried the culprit was cancer, his parents took the boy to a team of specialists in Mumbai. Once they started poking around inside his mouth the doctors made an incredible discovery.

Ashik was suffering from a complex composite odontoma. A benign tumor was growing on the teenager’s jaw and essentially turned Ashik’s gums into a tooth factory. Over a seven hour operation, doctors removed 232 “pearl-like” teeth from the boy’s mouth. The four surgeons even discovered a “marble-like” brick and were forced to use a hammer and chisel to break it apart.

Hopefully the doctors removed every rogue tooth in Ashik’s mouth. If not, there’s a chance the odontoma might return. At least there’s a bright side to this macabre little tale — the world record for tooth removal from an odontoma is thirty-seven, so perhaps Ashik might get his name into Guinness.

2. The Man With A Tooth In His Nose

Teeth Facts

Nose bleeds are pretty common. In fact, three out of five people will suffer from “epistaxis” before they die. But if you’re experiencing nose bleeds once or twice a month, then there might be a problem. A twenty-two-year-old man was getting tired of constantly having to shove cotton balls up his nose, and after having multiple nosebleeds over three years he finally went to see his doctor. What the physician found was kind of horrifying.

There was a tooth growing in the man’s left nostril. It was about one centimeter long and had erupted through the floor of his nasal cavity. Surgeons were able to remove the tooth without any problems, but why was it there in the first place? Well, about 0.15% to 3.9% of people in the world actually have spare teeth. Known as mesiodentes, these extra chompers turn around and grow the wrong way, occasionally popping up inside the nose.

It’s kind of disgusting, but at least it’s understandable. But sometimes our genes get screwed up, and then things get really freaky. Take the case of Doug Pritchard. Back in 1978, Pritchard was a normal 13 year old kid living in North Carolina when his foot started to hurt. He put up with the pain for several weeks, but when he couldn’t take it anymore he went to the doctor… who found a tooth growing in his foot. Sounds like a bad horror movie.

1. Tooth-Eye Surgery – weird Teeth Facts

Teeth Facts

We’ll end with one of the craziest surgeries ever invented by man. In 2009, Martin Jones was a forty-two-year-old man who’d never seen his wife. Years before his wedding day he’d been blinded by an explosion of molten aluminum, but a corneal specialist named Christopher Lui promised to restore his vision with a radical operation known as modified osteo-odonot-keratoprosthesis (MOOKP). And it involved Martin’s front tooth.

After removing one of his canines, doctors drilled a small hole in the tooth and placed a lens inside. Next, they stitched the tooth into his cheek, allowing it to develop vessels and tissue before sticking the canine into Jones’ right eyeball. With the new lens firmly in place Jones could suddenly see everything, including his wife’s face.

Despite its effectiveness, MOOKP isn’t used much in the United States. American surgeons prefer a technique known as Boston Keratoprosthesis, which involves a prosthetic cornea. However, later in 2009 a team of doctors at the University of Miami became the first surgeons to perform the MOOKP operation in the U.S. The patient was a woman named Sharron Thornton who’d lost her vision due to a condition known as Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Thanks to one of her teeth and some mucus-filled cheek tissue, today Ms. Thornton can see everyone and everything around her.

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Do you know Human tooth tell the story of humanity !

Do you know Human tooth tell the story of humanity !

Tooth truth: Human teeth tell the story of humanity through our fragile relationship with the sun

Researchers have developed a new method to read imperfections in teeth caused by a lack of sunlight, creating a powerful tool to trace events ranging from human evolution and migration out of Africa to the silent damage of vitamin D deficiency that continues to affect 1 billion worldwide.

These are teeth from Megan Brickley’s lab at McMaster University.
Credit: McMaster University
 The story of humanity’s vital — and fragile — relationship with the sun has been locked inside our teeth for hundreds of thousands of years. A new method is starting to tease out answers to major questions of evolution and migration, using clues hidden just under the enamel.

A group of McMaster University researchers, working with colleagues in Quebec and France, reveals the potential of the method in a paper in Current Anthropology.

“This is exciting because we now have a proven resource that could finally bring definitive answers to fundamental questions about the early movements and conditions of human populations — and new information about the importance of vitamin D for modern populations,” says McMaster anthropologist Megan Brickley, lead author of the paper and Canada Research Chair in the Bioarchaeology of Human Disease.

In 2016, the researchers first established that dentine — the material that forms the bulk of the tooth — carries a permanent record of Vitamin D deficiency, or rickets. During periods of severe deficiency, new layers of dentine cannot mineralize, leaving microscopic markers scientists can read like rings of a tree.

Those markers can tell the story of human adaptation as early man moved from equatorial Africa into lower-light regions, and may explain changes in skin pigmentation to metabolize more sunlight, or how indoor living has silently damaged human health.

Until now, there has been no reliable way to measure vitamin D deficiency over time. As the authors show with examples from ancient and modern tooth, the method is valuable for understanding a health condition that today affects more than 1 billion.

Story Source:

Materials provided by McMaster University. Original written by Wade Hemsworth. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

Dental X-rays – is it a threat to your health?

Dental X-rays – is it a threat to your health?

Are Dental X-rays safe? Contact with anyway with radiation can lead to tissue damage. But contact with rays during an X-ray will not present a health risk. Or will it? Recent studies have indicated that increased frequency to getting an X-ray may improve the threat of cancer.

Based on the American Dental Association on dental X-rays
An adult shouldn’t have significantly more than one bitewing X-ray within 2-3 years.
Dental care X-ray is an extremely common diagnostic procedure, usually recommended by dentists to discover cavities and other dental care problems in patients. Though X-rays are helpful in the diagnosis, overexposure to X-rays can lead to cells harm, and in a few extreme cases, it may lead to the development of cancer.

Nevertheless, the intensity of rays during an X-ray is surprisingly low, and therefore, it generally does not raise any risk. Today, there are improved and advanced X-ray machines that have lower strength and high-speed X-rays, which need a very little duration of exposure. These machines can handle taking an X-ray of an extremely small area, which reduces the probability of contact with other areas of the body. Although each one of these advancements decreases the side effects of X-rays, recent studies have shown that X-rays might boost the risk of developing cancer.

What will the Yale University research say?

A report conducted by Dr Elizabeth Claus and her co-workers at Yale University shows are Dental X-rays safe? Taking more  X-rays escalates the threat of developing a brain tumour. The analysis included comparing 1, 433 People in America who already experienced meningiomas, with 1,350 people who never really had meningioma. The induals of both organizations were of similar age group, sex, and resided in the same city/place. The induals were asked about their dental care history, and if indeed they experienced bitewing X-rays or panoramic X-ray, and the amount of times that they had it.

It was discovered that the induals who had frequent bitewing X-rays were doubly much more likely to build up brain tumours or meningiomas, than those who never really had bitewing X-rays. Induals who got panorex X-rays, when they were under age 10, were 4.9 times more vulnerable to develop meningioma. However, only 22 induals acquired both, panorex X-rays used and brain tumour.

Many doctors and scientists have portrayed combined views on the analysis. Prof. Dr Keith L. Dark, Chairman of Department of Neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center said, “My view is, if an X-ray is essential for treatment, then one has to  go forward and get that X-ray.” On discussing the restrictions of X-rays, he said, “It’s hard to define a threshold because it is rather complicated frequency and dosing equations get into that.” To summarize, he added, “We simply need to be more alert to the chance, and make an effort to limit the utilization.”

How to decrease the threat of radiation

There are a few simple ways to avoid overexposure to X-ray radiations.
Usually, do not undertake regular X-rays if you haven’t any dental care problems.
In the event that you change your dental professional, take your previous X-ray reviews along so the new dental practitioner doesn’t request you to take another X-ray.
Ensure that your surgeon runs on the collimated X-ray machine.
If surgery is suggested to your kid, which include an X-ray, make an effort to delay the procedure till your kid is 15.
Keep an archive of all X-rays you have carried out till date.
Try to decrease the exposure of X-rays, and get one only once required. In case your dental professional suggest you to get an X-ray, you have the right to ask him if it is actually necessary. Speak to him about its obvious risk, and get the doubts cleared.

Dental hygiene – Daily workout for healthy teeth

Throbbing tooth pain – Home remedies for sore tooth

Throbbing tooth pain – Home remedies for sore tooth

One particular morning and you don’t have to personally spell it out just how irritating an indual throbbing tooth pain can prove. I really believe you’ll acknowledge, one sore tooth gets the capacity to hamper your day-to-day activities to a great level. More than the use of processed foods, especially intake of carbonated drinks and sugary foods, and neglectfulness of teeth’s health, will be the two main known reasons for a sore tooth. Additionally, it is a root indication of teeth and gum decay. It will thus not be neglected, and usually, it isn’t neglected in any case, because the pain is merely so unbearable, that it creates even the laziest person sit down up and discover the remedies! So, are you now wanting to know how to repair it? A couple of 2 different ways, a trip to the dental professional, or some home cures. For folks with this problem, who grim heading towards the dental practitioner, I’ve collected a lot of tried, examined and proven home cures. Utilize these types of remedies quickly, and unless a vacation for the dental professional is just around the corner.


Severe toothache is a significant problem, and pain radiating in the jaw and throat region. Let’s talk about among the better remedies to countermand it. For any a gentle toothache, first, clean the region throughout the teeth with a toothpick. It is because sometimes the explanation for sore teeth is entangled food contaminants in the cavities encircling the teeth. Once you’ve cleaned the encompassing space, what you ought to perform is apply certain easy home cures, which is there mentioned down below.

Garlic features magical recovery powers, without a doubt. As well as the garlic clove radiates its curing powers healing a toothache likewise. You merely will need to put a clove of garlic in the aching teeth and chew up this slowly. Follow this system every morning hours, your toothache would diminish.

Red onion. Surprised! Affirmative, this easily findable in your house, is helpful in treating sore teeth. Use red onion for recovery for toothaches, exactly like we’d talked about for garlic clove. Place a bit of onion for the affected teeth, and allow it do the curing. ( Suggestion: To keep carefully the tooth problems away, chew a bit of fresh red onion daily. )

There is absolutely no dearth of vanilla extract inside your home of vanilla flavor lovers. Unless you have one, obtain it. It is because a dosage of three to four 5 drops of vanilla draws out the aches on the hurting teeth.

Another treatment to ease a toothache is using vinegar and bay berry. You need to get ready a bay berry bark paste and dip it in vinegar. Now apply this paste on the aching teeth for quite a while to alleviate your teeth from the pain.

Clove also offers magical recovery properties, and the majority of the natural toothpaste you’ll look for clove being the main component. Place a clove in the mouth area, close to the sore teeth, to alleviate the discomfort. A pinch of pepper blended with clove essential oil is also beneficial in alleviating toothaches.

You can even use the juice of wheat grass as a mouthwash which is a natural antiseptic and will assist in keeping every dental care concerns away.

Gnawing guava leaves or spinach leaves also provides fast relief from a toothache.

Always be careful with your meal practices, Eat natural fruit and veggies, which are on top of calcium mineral and vitamin supplements list, and become extremely particular with regards to your oral health. You surely will not like to see yourself using dentures in the foreseeable future, do you? Simply keep a watch on your lovely teeth, to keep sore teeth at bay!

Toothache After Filling – Remedies for Toothaches

Disclaimer: This article is perfect for informative uses only, and really should not be utilized as an alternative pertaining to expert medical health advice.

Food for healthy teeth and gums

Food for healthy teeth and gums

The most effective Foods meant for One’s teeth

healthy teethThere are particular foods that help healthy gums and teeth against decay, when there are some foods which usually motivate rot away. Here’s even more details to find the best and the many serious meals for healthy teeth.
Did you know the foodstuff you take in has an effect on your teeth as soon as it goes into the mouth area?
Absolutely, there are particular foods which have a tendency to affect teeth’s health in an unsuitable way. The bacterias within the mouth area will react with various foods which you devote your mouth. The bacterias will respond with these food types and may cause teeth decay, although some foods simply will not promote tooth decay at all. What happens will be that the bacteria within the mouth area changes sugars into acids by acting with the foodstuffs that you ingest. This type or sort of acid starts to strike the teeth enamel, that will start the decaying.

Foods which are Best for healthy teeth


Dairy products, yogurt, and cheese are one of the better choices of food to keep great teeth and gum wellness. These meals protects the teeth  enamel by coating it. These meal types are high in calcium and phosphorus mineral, that assist to remineralize one’s teeth.

Vegetables and Fruits

Many vegetables and fruit which have an increased water content are great for teeth and gum health. The reason being, normal water in these meals  dilutes the  sugars they  incorporate. These foods have a tendency to increase the salaiva secretion also, which in turn really helps to drive back rot aside. The most effective choices of fruit and veggies would be the firm and crunchy ones. Some great choices of fruits are apples, pears, strawberry, bananas, oranges etc.  The best crunchy vegetables are broccoli, peas, pumpkin, sweet potato and celery. Celery is great because it produces extra chew specifically, which will exercise the gums  and cleanses teeth, keeping them healthy.


Ordinary regular water, teas, and green tea are best for oral health. It is possible for you drink tea which is unsweetend. These kinds of  tea include  antioxidants, which quit plaque and for that reason the risk of cavities and gum diseases is very less. Green tea extract likewise hinder the bacterial growth and will support combat awful breath concerns.

Additional Exceptional Food

Meat, chicken and nuts happen to be finest for the purpose of teeth wellness also. Just similar to dairy products and milk they are simply great food that help construct one’s teeth enamel. Onions contain effective antibacterial sulfur substances. Research shows that onions tend to eliminate different types of microbes. Therefore , consuming fresh and natural onions will help you continue healthy teeth.

Foods that happen to be Bad for Tooth

The worst case scenario food with respect to oral health is certainly sugary food and sweetened drinks. Sipping sugary sodas or wines can greatly contribute to tooth decay. As well, one have to eat sweets in little quantities because they enhance tooth and gum complications to an very great extent. Yet , sugar-free foods are superior to food which have healthy glucose. It is  because, natural sugars comprising foods have a tendency to react with bacterias inside the jaws and secreate acids which triggers tooth decay. A similar consequence of bacteria with sugar- free  foodstuff isn’t recognized. Nevertheless, make sure you avoid natural sweeteners, mainly because they can harm one’s teeth. At times, nibbling chewing gum might help, since it promotes saliva and dislodges meals that gets trapped between tooth.

Aside from your  foods that you  eat, there are many factors that have a tendency to result in tooth decay as well. Eating more may also expose a person’s tooth to harmful acids frequently. You shall also have to brush your tooth at least two times a day and when possible after every food. If not, you will have to at least gargle the mouth You can also go to your dental practitioner twice a season regarding a rigorous checkup and cleaning of your enamel for a typical good dental health.